Hoverboard Safety Gear

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Hoverboards are the hottest gadget around at the moment. But just like riding a bike, falls and accidents can always happen. To minimize injuries, you should always wear protective safety gear when riding. Here are the basic items of safety gear you should wear when hoveboarding:

  • Helmet

If you only wear one piece of safety gear -then it should be a helmet.  Wearing a helmet can help protect you from head injuries if you fall, and could save your life.  A helmet, designed for something like cycling, skateboarding or rollerblading will do just fine.

Hoverboard Helmet

Hoverboard Helmet

Protective Pads

The other most important piece of safety gear is protective padding. Elbow pads, knee pads and wristguards will protect you from cuts and scrapes if you fall. The padding gear used for skateboarding or rollerblading, can also be used for hoverboarding.

Safety Lights

If you plan to ride in the dark or low lit conditions, then it’s really important to make sure you can be seen. Even though some hoverboards may come with LED lights, these are at ground level and won’t be large enough to be seen by others. The type of reflective light gear that cyclists wear is suitable for hoverboarders too. There are also special LED safety clip on lights, and LED reflective safety belt lights which can be worn.

You’ll need more than just wearing safety gear to keep yourself safe when riding a hoverboard. For more about hoverboard riding safety tips click here

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