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Hoverboard Buying Guide

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What to look for when buying a Hoverboard

When buying a Hoverboard, you’ll need to look at and compare certain factors,  in order to choose the right hoverboard for you. Here’s the low-down on what factors you should be looking at and comparing,to help you decide which hoverboard is best for you.

To avoid buying the wrong hoverboard, its important to consider all these key factors.

      • Price
      • Speed
      • Battery life
      • Weight Capacity
      • Wheel size and Type
      • UL Certification


Top of the range hoverboards with luxury specs can go for around $1700. Bottom of the range hoverboards go for around $200. When buying a hoverboard, what you pay for, is pretty much what you get. For more info about cheap hoverboards click here


The speed ranges of hoverboards vary. On the low end, are 6mph hoverboards, which are suited for kids and beginner riders. Then there are models which go up to 12mph which are for advanced and confident riders only.

Battery Life

Batteries make up most of the hoverboard. They determine how long and far it can go. You’ll want to consider charging times, and battery life. How long can a hoverboard go before it needs charging again? You don’t want to be caught, riding to a destination only to have your batteries go flat on you on the way.

Weight Capacity

Most hoverboards can take up to around 220lbs in weight. Some brands such as Phunkee Duck can take up to 300-400lbs and command a higher price for this.

Wheel Size and Type

There are three wheel sizes for hoverboards; 6.5, 8 and 10 inches.  6 inch wheel hoverboards are best for kids, and if you want to do cool tricks, because they are smaller and more nimble.They also also work best on smooth terrain. Some models with larger wheels of 8-10 inches, are better for rougher terrain but are larger and heavier to carry around.

So you’ll need to think about where you plan to ride your hoverboard (?) Do you plan to ride it indoors only ? In your backyard? Or for longer outdoor trips to the shops or park? Note that different states have different laws on riding hoverboards outdoors in public places. For example New York city prohibits the use of hoverboards in public places.


Some hoverboards have different settings such as a ‘beginners setting’ which essentially is a low speed setting. If your buying a hoverboard for a child or beginner, then this is an excellent option to have.

UL 2272 Certification

Don’t forget, that whatever specs you go for, always make sure your hoverboard is UL2272 certified. This means that is has passed industry standard certifications, and is safe to use.