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Cheap Hoverboard Reviews

Cheap Hoverboards

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Cheap Hoverboards – What you should know Before You Buy

As with most consumer goods, with cheap hoverboards – you’ll only get what you pay for. So if you buy a cheap hoverboard, chances are, that you’ll get a low quality one. However if you’re a beginner rider or on a budget, then a cheap hoverboard might be a good option for you.

Since the introduction of new safety regulations on hoverboards in 2016, many cheap and unsafe hoverboards were eliminated from the market. Which is a good thing, because it protects you – the consumer. But it also means that it’s hard to find a hoverboard for less than $100.

If you skimp on price, don’t skimp on safety – Make sure your hoverboard is UL 2272 certified, which means it has passed industry standard safety tests.

Prices can fluctuate all the time so its important to compare prices online . To help you, we’ve compiled this nifty comparison table of the cheapest hoverboards available on the market. All these hoverboards are UL2272 certified.

Can I get a Hoverboard for under $100?

Since the crackdown on cheap and unsafe hoverboards, It’s virtually impossible nowadays to find a hoverboard for under $100.

The only place to find this would be to buy wholesale or to buy a second-hand hoverboard. But we strongly recommend against buying used hoverboards, as they could be older models that are not UL2272 certified or have mal-functions that you do not know about.

Where can I find a cheap hoverboard ?

The best place to buy a cheap hoverboard, is to buy it from a large and well-established retailer such as Amazon, who only allow UL2227 certified hoverboards to be sold on their site. So you can rest assured that, even a cheap hoverboard from here will be safe to use.

From our research, here are the top picks of the cheapest hoverboards available for sale online (all are UL2272 certified).

Our Top Picks – Cheap Hoverboards

GoTrax Eco Hoverfly Hoverboard

This is one of the best deals for money we have found. The GoTrax Hoverfly Eco has all the features you would expect from a hoverboard under $200. It features LED Lights, and a super fast charge time of 1.5 hours. However it doesn’t have bluetooth or mobile application. Nonetheless its still an amazing value for money hoverboard, that’s suitable for new riders and kids. For more detailed information about this hoverboard click here

GoTrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard - Red

GoTrax Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard – Red

Hoverheart Hoverboard

This is one of the cheapest hoverboards available on the market right now. And in all honesty, its a steal !  It has everything you’d expect from a basic hoverboard, plus lots more. It has extra features such as cool LED lights for night time riding, and great quality bluetooth speaker. The volume on the speaker can be quite loud, which might be fun, although annoying to the neighbours. The Hoverheart is fireproof, although not waterproof – so riding in the rain on this one. It has a smaller wheel size, so is easy to maneuver, and is great for kids and beginners. Overall, the Hoverheart really surprised us with its value for money.

Hoverheart Hoverboard

Hoverheart Hoverboard

Swagtron T5

The Swagtron T5 is another surprising cheap find ! Swagtron is one of the most reputable hoverboard companies our there, and the Swagtron T5 is their cheapest model. It’s a lighter board (weighing 18 lbs), with a top speed is 8mph and comes with a training mode. These features make it a great hoverboard for beginners or kids.  If you’re an advanced rider you may want to go for the more expensive Swagtron T1 and Swagtron T3 , which have higher maximum speeds and more powerful motors.

Overall however, we think the Swagtron T5 is an ideal choice for a cheap hoverboard, because despite the low price tag its backed by the credibility of the high quality brand – Swagtron.

Swagtron T5 review

Swagtron T5 review

Megawheels TW01

The Megawheels TW01 is a basic no-frills hoverboard, reflected in the price. It’s solid and reliable though, and comes with a one year warranty. Its another cheap hoverboard that’s suitable for beginner riders, as with a top speed of 7mph, more advanced riders may find this limiting.  Unlike the hoverheart which has cool lights and bluetooth speaker, the Megawheels TW01 unfortunately does not have this and is not waterproof.

Megawheels TW01

Megawheels TW01


The Veeko hoverboard is a solid and reliable hoverboard for its price. It can accommodate up to 225lbs and has a good range (claiming up to 12miles on a single charge). It has powerful dual- 250w motors, and you can certainly feel its sturdy when riding it. The downsides are that it does fall behind in features, when compared to other models in this price range. For example, its not waterproof and there’s no bluetooth.

Veeko hoverboard

Veeko hoverboard

Conclusion – Cheap Hoverboards are they worth it ?

What we have discovered, is that whilst its harder nowadays to find cheap hoverboards, its not impossible. We were really surprised at the value for money, and quality of hoverboard you can get for under $200.

Most of the models we have reviewed here, have proven themselves to be excellent value for money. They are however suited to beginner riders or kids. If you’re looking for a first hoverboard and don’t want to fork out a lot of money, then a hoverboard under $200 will meet your requirements. For advanced riders though, you’ll really have to spend a little more to get a hoverboard with satisfactory advanced-rider specs.